This is Blue Cross Norway


Blue Cross Norway, established 1906, is a deaconal and inter-denominational organization working in the field of treatment and prevention of alcohol and drug problems.


The Blue Cross has over 50 local institutions in Norway offering treatment, education, housing services, job training, counseling and social networks. A list of these institutions can be found under Få hjelp. We also engage in different forms of prevention work and have our own youth department.

Around 1300 people work either full time or part time in Blue Cross Norway. The organization has around 2100 members and over 40 local groups doing diverse forms of voluntary social work.

Blue Cross Norway is also an umbrella organization for 21 Christian organizations and denominations in Norway.

The Blue Cross was originally established in Switzerland in 1877 and has grown to become an international movement. Blue Cross can be found in around 40 countries throughout the world, predominately in Europe and Africa – and to a lesser extent in North and South America and Asia. The international headquarters is situated in Bern, Switzerland.


Our international fellowship offers many possibilities for cooperation across national boundaries.

International projects that are supported by campaign funds and sponsors are presented here.

Address in Norway:
Blå Kors Norge
Storgata 38
N-0182 OSLO

Tel +47 22 03 27 40, fax +47 22 03 27 41


Read more about Blue Cross Norway’s international commitment.

NOTE: Our organization and the American/Canadian health insurance companies of the same name are completely separate entities and have no economic or organizational links. The same can be said regarding the animal welfare charity in the United Kingdom.

Blue Cross Norway