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Blue Cross Norway is the major Norwegian volunteer organization working in the field of alcohol and drug abuse.

Our work is focused on preventive measures, especially regarding children and adolescents, as well as treatment and follow-up after treatment. Substance abuse is one of the biggest health and social challenges facing Norwegian society today. Blue Cross Norway has for well over 110 years worked tirelessly to give help to people who are directly or indirectly affected by alcohol and drug abuse.

Blue Cross Norway owns and operates 54 different institutions situated in most parts of Norway. We have treatment institutions, outpatient activities, work focused on the needs of children and teenagers, our own secondary schools, street-based activities, housing centers, local groups and more.

With close to 1.300 employees, 900 dedicated volunteers (we call them “time donors”) and 2.300 members we can reach out and reach far.

The Blue Cross is in addition an umbrella organization for 16 member organizations. Blue Cross bases its activities on diaconal work expressed through charity, inclusive fellowships and working for justice.

We are committed to developing our mission further into new areas.

Blue Cross Norway is a member organization in International Blue Cross (IBC).