Information in English, Blue Cross Oslo West clinic

The Blue Cross Oslo West clinic offers long-term, multidisciplinary specialised treatment for substance abuse. We are based in Slemdal in Oslo, and have 20 places for patients of either sex.

As far as possible, we aim to tailor the treatment to you, and we view treatment as a collaborative activity.

Blå Kors Slemdal-bygget
We are based in Slemdal

Long term treatment

The treatment progresses during your stay with us. During the initial period, we establish a positive treatment relationship and create security and belonging. Individual discovery, investigation and motivation play an important role. You have a weekly individual discussion with a psychologist and your primary contact.

From approximately six weeks into the course of treatment, you and the treatment team together work actively towards your treatment goals. We focus on resources and coping strategies. You will be offered various group activities, and you will have weekly discussions with your own psychologist.

During the later stages of your stay, we focus more on practice trips to your home, training for work, relapse prevention, establishing activities away from the ward, and ensuring a good transition to life after treatment.

Treatment free of charge

We are part of a multidisciplinary specialised treatment programme, and we have an operating agreement with the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. This means that treatment is provided to you free of charge, but you must be referred here for treatment.

You can be referred by your GP/family doctor, NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) or healthcare personnel in somatic or psychiatric hospitals.

To find out more about us and our services, please contact: