Information in English, The Blue Cross clinic Loland

The Blue Cross Loland clinic offers long-term treatment for people with both alcohol/drug-abuse issues and mental health issues, various types of substance-abuse problems and other dependency-related issues.

Respect and empathy

Our treatment consists of group-based and one-on-one therapy, along with structured milieu therapy. Physical activity, especially outdoors, is an integral part of treatment.

Patients participate actively in change work, and the treatment team around each patient treats them with respect, recognition and empathy.

Treatment adapted individually

The treatment programme is provided by skilled and experienced psychologists, doctors, nurses, social educators, social workers and other team members. The treatment is based on the firm belief that the person seeking help has the potential for growth and development.

Just as there are various routes into dependency, there are various routes out of it. We have a trauma-informed approach to substance-abuse treatment and endeavour to provide treatment that is adapted to each individual patient.

to personer i samtale ved utebord

We are part of a multidisciplinary specialised treatment programme, and we have an agreement with the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. This means that treatment is provided to you free of charge, but you must be referred here for treatment.

You can be referred by your GP/family doctor, NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) or some other specialist health service. It is important that your needs and wishes are made clear in the referral.

To find out more about us and our services, please contact: