Information in English, Blue Cross Oslo central clinic

Blå Kors-bygget
The polyclinic is located in central Oslo

The Blue Cross Oslo Central clinic offers treatment for people with substance-abuse, gambling and gaming issues. Family members may also be entitled to independent treatment if they are referred to us.

Treatment takes place during the daytime on an outpatient basis. We adapt the treatment to suit your lifestyle, family situation, job and network. Treatment may involve one-on-one discussions with a therapist, couples therapy, family therapy, various group-based discussions, psychomotor physiotherapy or various courses.

The polyclinic is located in central Oslo.

We are a specialist health service offering multidisciplinary specialist treatment, and you must be referred to receive treatment with us. You can be referred by your GP/family doctor, substance-abuse services, NAV ( the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) or some other specialist health services.

To find out more about the treatments we offer, please contact: